Investing in Cars

22nd November 2018

classic car investingWhile most people just accept that their car will continue to depreciate in value from the moment it first hits the road, there are those for whom investing in cars is a passion and it can be a lucrative one if you choose wisely. Continue reading

Safe Driving in the Sunshine

18th July 2018

summer drivingIn the summertime you might find that the sun impacts your vision whilst driving. If this is the case then make sure you allow more room between yourself and the vehicle in front, this gives you more time to react and stop if necessary. In the same way your stopping distance is longer in wet or snowy conditions, if the sunlight is affecting your vision then you need to make a similar adjustment. Continue reading

Audi’s answer to the hybrid market

21st March 2018

Audi introducing hybrid carFollowing Audi’s commitment a few years ago to embrace the electric and hybrid market, they have now announced that their first ever all-electric car will arrive at the beginning of 2019. The Audi e-tron quattro concept will be the prototype of their next-generation SUV and is powered exclusively by electricity. Continue reading

How to Drive Safely in the Snow

25th January 2018

drive safely in the snowAlthough snow is pretty to look at and fun to play in, it’s much less pleasant when you have to drive in snowy conditions. When there’s been a heavy snowfall or it’s currently snowing, your best bet is to stay home and not travel in it at all if possible. You may not always have a choice though, so here are some tips for driving safely in the snow. Continue reading

Have emissions put off UK Diesel Car buyers?

24th November 2017

diesel cars UKWith all the concern about diesel emissions, diesel scrappage schemes and even bans, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that UK drivers are avoiding diesel vehicles at all costs, however data from Cazana’s used vehicle database has shown that this is just not the case. Continue reading

Risking Safety by Delaying Repairs

14th September 2017

car being repairedA survey done by the Motor Ombudsman towards the end of last year has shown that almost half of divers in the UK put safety at risk by putting off visiting a garage. They found that 43% of drivers delay taking their car to a garage in spite of believing that the car has a fault. Continue reading

VW Golf racing

What’s next for the VW Golf GTI?

24th July 2017

VW Golf racingAlthough the next generation VW Golf MK8 is anticipated in early 2018, unfortunately if it’s the GTI you’re after, it looks as though you’re going to have to wait until at least 2019 for it to arrive in the UK. Here are some predictions to keep you excited in the meantime. Continue reading

Trading Standards Sting Prompts Renewed Calls for Ban on Part-Worn Tyres

16th June 2017

worn tyresOfficial figures for the past five years put the number of deaths or serious injuries on the road caused by illegal or defective tyres at a shocking 989. According to a recent Sunday Mirror investigation carried out in conjunction with Trading Standards, however, traders continue to sell potentially lethal part-worn tyres to unwitting motorists. Continue reading