Clovers More Unusual Jobs

Wonder who owns a vehicle like this? Here is a hint; the owner has flown in a car (but not this one) over a train line!

Did you guess it belongs to Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)? Rupert brought this car in to us to make it road worthy so it could pass its MOT. Other jobs to do on this vehicle included fixing the rear brakes and hand brake, plus we have changed the ball joints on the front axle.

Although we are making this car road worthy it is more of a show car due to its short wheelbase. The short wheelbase means the wheels are extremely close together, so stopping fast tends to make it want to tip forward!

Apart from the colour which is enough to stand out in any crowd, it also includes Porsche wheels and seats.

Rupert Grint's VW Van

Green VW Van

Harry Potter Star van

Beetle 1303S

The Beetle 1303S (red wheels) was a long term project we did a few years ago as a bit of fun. It was given to us as an orange burnt out wreck that had sat in a car parking space for years.

We restored and customized it, keeping the mechanics pretty standard on this 1600cc engine. But ported and with an extractor exhaust for effect, disc brakes as standard, towel rail bumpers, standard “sun burst” wheels, but custom painted by us, tinted rear lights and some of the chrome body trims removed to “clean up the lines a bit”.

Beetle 1303S

Beetle car restored by Clover Autos

Baja Bug

The Red “Baja Bug” was outside our second Epping workshop in the Nineties. It was bought as a mostly finished kit and mechanically finished off by us. 1800cc big bore engine with twin carburetors and electric inlet manifold heaters, “straight through” extractor exhaust system and a “detailed” engine bay.

This car accelerated really well as we stripped a lot of it out and the body work was mostly fiberglass panels. Dave used this car for his own transport for quite a while until someone came down from Scotland and made an offer for it that could not be refused!

Red Beetle Car after being restored

Beetle Trike Conversion

This unusual vehicle belongs to a customer who we do service work for. For this particular job we needed to remove the engine, replace the lights, and axle seals. It has a Beetle engine on th back as you can see which makes it a little scary to drive as of course there is literally no weight on the front.