Tips for Servicing Your Car in Winter

26th January 2015
Audi Car being Serviced

Winter comes at the same time each year, but every year motorists experience problems with their vehicles during harsh weather because they have not protected their cars sufficiently.

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Pre Winter Car Servicing

25th September 2014
Winter Car check

Making sure that your car is regularly serviced is a good idea whatever the weather, but pre-winter car servicing is even more important. It’s bad enough breaking down by the side of the road Continue reading

North Weald Market

25th June 2014
Vegetable and fruit stall

Local News and Events

North Weald Market takes place a stone’s throw from our service centre and takes place mainly through the summer months. The market is a mix of professional stall holders and car boot sellers that offer a wide range of items for sale. You can find everything from green grocers through to clothing and household goods.

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Why You Shouldn’t Skimp On Buying Tyres

29th May 2014
Tyres image

Money is tight for everyone, and it can be tempting to try and save money by cutting back on expensive items. Many car owners see buying new car tyres as an expense that they would like to avoid or reduce. Continue reading

The Importance of Regular Car Servicing

25th April 2014
Car needing a service

When you purchase a car, you probably have high hopes that it will serve you well for many years to come. However, if this is something you are aiming for then you need to do your bit in order to boost the chances of getting years of trouble free motoring from your vehicle.

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What to Expect when you have an MOT

18th February 2014

Servicing of carAny vehicle which is more than three years old needs an annual MOT inspection to ensure that it is roadworthy – it’s the law. These tests are carried out at registered MOT stations, Clover Autos is based just off the M11 in Essex and our testers will check over various parts Continue reading