How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

24th November 2015
Car at mechanics being repaired

Getting your car ready for winter means more than filling up the gas tank and giving it a quick once over inspection. A car is an essential household item and needs to be looked after and checked it is running well, especially in winter. Continue reading

Tax Disc Controversy

8th October 2015
Tax Disc controversy

The major overhaul of the tax disc system has left loopholes for criminals to take advantage of the system and created problems for drivers that are not clearly set out in the new rules.

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Common Misconceptions about MOT tests

14th July 2015
Turbo Car at garage

Taking an MOT is always an anxious time, and it can be made even more anxious if you are being told facts about the MOT which you are not sure are true. Despite the fact that this test is a legal requirement for cars in the UK, and that all drivers should know whether their car can pass the MOT, there are still a number of common misconceptions about the test.

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The Overall Performance of Audi Cars

19th May 2015
Audi Car image

Audi are a German car manufacturer which produces high-quality vehicles for the luxury market. Audi has been owned by Volkswagen since the 60s, and has been the champion of the 5-cylinder inline engine, preferring it to the six-cylinder engine as a long-term option.

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Why getting your car serviced regularly is Important

12th March 2015
Car being serviced

When you own a vehicle, getting regular services is just a part of daily life. Even if you own a relatively new car, you will still have to have it serviced at certain times in order to ensure that it is still roadworthy, and to make sure that nothing goes wrong when you are driving it.

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