Why Using an Independent Garage and Not a Main Dealer Could Save you Money

20th March 2017
independent garage workshop

We’ve all been there; your car starts making a strange noise, handling poorly or perhaps displaying a warning light and that feeling of dread immediately washes over you. Having a breakdown or a fault in your car is never a pleasant experience, but what can be worse is the experience of receiving your repair bill after getting it fixed. Continue reading

The History of the VW Beetle

13th January 2017
red VW Beetle at Clover Autos

There are few vehicles that cut a more iconic figure than the Volkswagen Beetle. A brilliant example of a piece of automotive engineering that has truly stood the test of time, ask almost anyone around the world what a VW Beetle looks like and you’re likely to get a pretty accurate response. What they might not be able to tell you, however, is the fascinating history of the vehicle and its development.

Continue reading

Driverless cars – is this the future for road safety?

24th November 2016
Will driverless cars be the future

Driverless cars have gone from something we only see on sci-fi films into a potential reality for the near future, we’ve even given driverless cars a name ‘the Autonomous car’. In October 2016 we saw the first driverless car being tested in Milton Keynes! Continue reading

The Humble Diesel Filter

6th October 2016
diesel engine and filter

A more technical blog this time, here we look at the role of the diesel filter.

The diesel filter is an integral part of any diesel engine. It is a crucial component in maintaining the engine’s performance. Continue reading