Why Choose an Independent VW Service?

Although an independent VW service will usually work out much less expensive than getting a Volkswagen serviced at a main dealer, many car owners are still loathe to hand their car over to anyone but a dealer. Perhaps they subscribe to the belief that you get what you pay for, perhaps they just don’t understand what the difference is or perhaps they just can’t be bothered to change what they’ve been doing all along.

However they could be missing out, not only on the savings they could make but also on the other advantages of using an independent VW service specialist:

  • They will usually provide a more personal, friendlier service
  • An independent VW service specialist is more likely to value you as a customer
  • They have more flexibility to adapt to your needs as regards time frames and costs

What’s more, an independent can offer you everything that a main dealer can, without the inflated prices. For example, Clover Autos, an independent VW service specialist in Essex offers the following:

  • VW dealer trained technicians with plenty of experience
  • Savings of up to 40% for newer vehicles on main dealer labour costs without compromising the car’s warranty
  • Stamping of service records and resetting of service indicators
  • Latest diagnostic equipment, software, tools and equipment

So there isn’t anything a main dealer can do for you that an independent can’t.

Clover Autos independent VW service

 Independent VW Servicing for VW and Audi's

At Clover Autos we are very proud of our customer service. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, our workshops are clean and tidy and whenever possible we will collect and deliver cars free of charge for our customers within a five mile radius.

Our directors, Ronnie and Dave Fern, are both VW dealer trained and have been building up experience on all VW makes and models since the seventies. Ronnie has worked for GTI Engineering doing high performance tuning and customising on Volkswagen Golf GTI’s and his apprenticeship was carried out on air-cooled Beetles and Camper Vans. Dave is a long-standing member of the highly-regarded Institute of Diagnostic Engineers.

As you can see, your Volkswagen will be in excellent hands at Clover Autos, so why not bring your car to us for an independent VW service? We’re sure you’ll be glad you did, and not just because of the money you could save.

Find out more about our independent VW service on our website or give us a call today.