VW Servicing Essex FAQs

We will try to answer some of the questions often asked about VW servicing in Essex. As a VW owner you obviously want the best for your car and getting it serviced properly plays a big part in looking after it properly.

Why does my VW need servicing?

Getting your Volkswagen serviced on a regular basis will help it to remain in the best condition possible, ensuring that the components in your car last as long as possible and offer optimum performance. If it isn’t serviced regularly the reliability and efficiency of your car may be affected.

Regular servicing also ensures that any problems are picked up before they become more serious and end up costing you far more to repair.

Finally, if you decide to sell your car a few years down the road, having a complete service history will help you to get a better price for it.

How often should I get my Volkswagen serviced?

You should get your car serviced every ten thousand miles or twelve months.

Even if you only drive your car a few miles each week you should still get it serviced once a year to keep it as safe and efficient as possible. It is not just mileage that causes wear and tear; age and lack of use do too.

Do I need to take my car to a VW main dealer?

You absolutely don’t need to take your car to a VW main dealer. An independent VW specialist can offer you exactly the same benefits as a main dealer, but usually at a fraction of the cost. Your warranty won’t be affected as your service book will be stamped and any service indicators reset too.

What are the benefits of independent VW Servicing in Essex?

You can get regular maintenance servicing, electrical and mechanical diagnostic work and repairs and ECU fault code reading done at up to 40% off main dealer prices with the same level of service. A local independent VW specialist is also more likely to offer you additional benefits such as free courtesy cars and free local collection and delivery, not to mention a more personal service.

Where can I get VW servicing in Essex?

Clover Autos offers VW servicing in Essex and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of service offered as well as affordable pricing and professional, courteous and friendly customer service too. You will always get to speak to a qualified technician rather than a receptionist to get unbiased, obligation free advice.

Find out more about our VW servicing in Essex or give us a call to book your service today.