Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

Car being checkedAt Clover Auto’s in Essex we are passionate about ensuring your car performs it’s best for you, which is why we put together this advice but if you have any additional questions then please do get in touch.

Driving in the winter is a whole different ball game from summer driving. Snow, ice and excess water can make driving conditions extremely tricky and when you add the fact that you may well be driving in sub zero temperatures it soon becomes apparent that it pays to prepare your car for the winter months.

So what should you do?

  • Have your car serviced – for peace of mind. Breaking down is bad at any time of year but breaking down on a cold, snowy winter’s night really doesn’t bear thinking about. Have all of those niggling problems fixed before winter gets a grip.
  • Check the condition and pressures of your tyres – the correct tyre pressures can make a big difference to the handling and fuel efficiency of your car. You should also make sure that your tyres have got plenty of tread.
  • Check your lights – many drivers can go a whole summer without driving in the dark which is not often possible during the darker winter months. Check for broken bulbs and replace them immediately and make sure that your front and back fog lights are working correctly.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of anti-freeze in your radiator – if you paid attention in science class you would know that frozen water expands which can cause burst radiators. Don’t let that happen to your car.
  • Pack away a few essentials in the boot or glove box of your car – a first aid kit is a good idea at any time of year, as is a torch, warm blanket and clothes, ice scraper and high visibility clothing to keep you safe in the dark. A tin of de-icer is also a good idea.
  • Remember to do everything carefully and slowly when driving in the snow. Give yourself plenty of room from the other cars, don’t rush and give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.

Please feel free to pop along to our workshop; we are based just off the M11 in Essex, close to Harlow. So if you want us to take a look and make sure that your vehicle is winter ready, please do come along.