Audi & VW Service Centre

Independent Audi & VW service centres offer an alternative to a main dealer. Not only do they provide the same capable and well trained staff they also have the latest equipment to repair your vehicle. They can offer this same service at more competitive prices, allowing you to get your car serviced and repaired without having to break the bank balance.

Genuine parts are used just like a main dealer that will have a manufactures warranty with them, and your service book will be validated the same way as the main dealer ensuring your manufacturer’s warranty is kept up to date at all times. Because an independent service centre specialises in one type of car they have the latest technical equipment to service and repair your vehicle allowing a speedy repair with quick diagnosis.

Audi and VW on the road

A service at an independent Audi & VW service centre can cover scheduled factory maintenance services to more complex engine rebuild services and everything in between. The technicians are fully trained and tend to be regularly trained and kept up to date with any industry changes allowing you to be fully confident that your car is being well looked after.

Many vehicles especially ones from the same manufacturer tend to have the same problems that can go wrong with them. By taking your vehicle to technicians who deal with your type of car regularly means that chances are they would have seen this same problem before allowing them to know what is wrong and quickly diagnose what needs fixing. It can save time and costs as only the parts that need replacing get replaced and no time is wasted trying to find the fault.

An independent Audi & VW service centre is in most cases independently owned. This owner operator business will tend to give you great service as they want your business and want your repeat business, where most main dealers are owned by a bigger company so you don’t get the same personal service an independent owner will give you.

Audi and Volkswagen vehicles are both well-built and well-made vehicles. The VW is an iconic vehicle due to the series of the beetle produced while the Audi is a sleek and modern looking car, as one television advert for Audi shows, they have moved on from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Both vehicles are well sort after and drive well. Like all mechanical parts they do need to be regularly serviced and parts replaced to ensure they keep running and performing well. For this to happen regular services are required. By regularly servicing your vehicle parts can be assessed, oils and liquids can be topped up and replaced if needed with any potential problems identified before they become bigger problems.

If you haven’t tried an independent service centre for your Audi or Volkswagen vehicle isn’t it time to find out why these businesses are so sort after and see how much money you can save? Simply contact us today to book in for your service and we promise you won’t be disappointed.