Essex Tyre Check Guide

As a driver in Essex you simply cannot ignore the importance of a regular tyre check. Since the tyres carry the load of a car and the driver or passengers in it; they are the part of the car that goes through the maximum amount of wear and tear, despite being made from very sturdy rubber.

Why should you do a frequent tyre check?

The most obvious reason for doing a regular tyre check is safety, as most people realise.

Unfortunately there are many who in their attempt to save a few pennies obstinately continue driving on tyres that are no longer safe. What they also forget is that if they are in an accident the insurance company is likely to deny any claims if the crash was due to worn out tyres. So long term it could cost a lot more not to replace tyres when necessary.

Apart from this driving on bald tyres can also turn your car into a fuel guzzler, significantly reducing the fuel efficiency of the engine.

How often should you do a tyre check?

tyre check for air pressure

The air pressure in the tyres should be checked regularly, at least every couple of months. Newer cars will usually let you know if you need to check the air pressure, otherwise just check every now and then when you fill up with fuel.

Having your tyres checked once a year at the service or MOT isn’t enough, you should also check for wear and tear every so often between services and MOT’s.

It’s also worth having a professional do a proper tyre check every now and then too, as they may pick up problems that you won’t notice.

What will a tyre check involve?

  • A tyre check involves looking for any cuts, holes, bumps or anything that looks foreign.
  • The air pressure should be checked and adjusted according the car manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Tyres should also be checked for shiny spots which may indicate bald patches.
  • The depth of the tyre tread needs to be checked.
  • An uneven pattern of wear, points towards a wheel alignment problem.

During a tyre check by a reputable car garage they will identify the make and model of tyre that will be best for you based on the current condition and your vehicle type. They will also set the wheel alignment according to the car manufacturer’s specification to reduce wear and tear on your tyres.

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