Convenient Audi Car Servicing

Sockets for fixing Audi Car

Taking your prized Audi in to a specialist car service centre can help take the hassle out of any servicing or repair works to your vehicle. Not only is a specialised Audi Independent Service centre a hassle free alternative of keeping your vehicle in top working condition they also have technicians who are trained and kept up to date on your vehicle and any industry changes.

Sometimes a car servicing requirement is to use specialist oils, spark plugs, fuel or pollen filters. Not all service centres stock these but your authorized Audi Independent Service centre will keep these in stock ensuring a quicker turnaround time.

When carrying out work on your Audi at an independent service centre you will find a workshop that is equipped with specialist and modern computer diagnostic equipment that will carry out a full health checks on your vehicle. A service report will be provided along with the stamping of your cars service book to ensure it is kept up to date. This high standard of work will ensure your manufacturer’s warranty is fully protected.

Generally you will find the cost of an Audi Independent service centre less than a dealer’s workshop, but still with the same quality parts and technicians but with a more personal touch. Independent service centres are privately run. They work on specific cars as they love these cars as much as you do, meaning you get superior service and repairs, with no compromises.

Why Regular Servicing!

All cars need to be serviced regularly to maintain their parts and ensure the engine is running at its best. Just like any mechanical device by regularly maintaining it you can ensure you get a longer life out of the parts and the engine itself.

You may not need a full service each time, but regularly keeping up to date with servicing can ensure any problems get picked up before that can become a real problem and potentially cause more damage or expense to your vehicle.

At some point when you decide it is time to sell your vehicle, a regular service history will sell your car quicker as well as giving you the best price possible for it.

How often should I get a service?

This all depends on the mileage you do, how long ago you had your last service or a mix of the two. Your vehicle is clever enough to inform you when a service is required based on the time it was last done, but if you do a lot of mileage it may pay to get one done sooner than your vehicle recommends keeping it working at its best.

Clover Autos is an Audi Independent Service Centre who specialize in all things Audi and VW. They know the ins and outs of this machinery and pride themselves on their quality workmanship and customer service. Once you have taken your car to an Independent Service Centre you won’t want to go anywhere else!