Working with an Essex Based VW Specialist

24th November 2020
VW Essex specialist

Regularly servicing your Volkswagen is a must if you want to keep it in good condition. There’s no need to wait until there’s something wrong to get your car checked out. In addition to your annual MOT, you should get your car serviced on the recommended schedule in your manual. At Clover Autos, we are experts in Volkswagen vehicles.
It pays to choose a garage for your car that specialises in VW vehicles if you’re looking for the right people to look after your car. As VW specialists in Essex, we’re here to help you with all your needs. We’re an independent garage too, which can help you to save money while still securing an excellent service.

Expert Volkswagen Knowledge

When you choose a garage that specialises in Volkswagens, you know you’ll get service from people who know what they’re doing. Many other garages service all kinds of cars, with no particular focus on any manufacturers. While they might still know what they’re doing, they are unlikely to have the knowledge and experience of a specialist.

At Clover Autos, we offer independent Volkswagen servicing. We have spent years building our knowledge of Volkswagen cars and can offer advice and service quality that you won’t get elsewhere. We know our VW vehicles. Ronnie has worked for GTI Engineering, carrying out high-performance tuning and customising on Volkswagen Golf GTIs. He also completed his apprenticeship on air-cooled VW Beetles and Camper Vans.

Genuine Volkswagen Parts

Choosing an independent Volkswagen specialist means that you will still benefit from the use of genuine Volkswagen parts. If any parts in your car need to be replaced, you can guarantee that Clover Autos will use genuine parts made for your vehicle. All work is carried out to an extremely high standard, and the use of VW parts means that it won’t affect your manufacturer’s warranty. We reset service indicators and stamp service records so that you have proof of your car being serviced. We also use the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, and software to provide the services that your Volkswagen vehicle needs.

Choose an Independent Garage in Essex

Why should you choose an independent garage to service your VW instead of going to a main dealer? There are several advantages to making this choice, including that you will save money on servicing and repairing your car. We can do everything that a garage affiliated with a main dealer can do, except that we can offer much more affordable prices. When you need a VW specialist in Essex, you can trust us to offer a service balancing good value and quality. We don’t have our prices set by the manufacturer, which means we’re able to offer you a significant discount compared to other options. You’ll receive an affordable service that doesn’t compromise on quality, delivered by experts in Volkswagen cars.

Get your car serviced by a VW specialist. Contact Clover Autos today to book a servicing,MOT, or another service.