Why you Should Steer Clear of Part Worn Tyres

23rd May 2019
part work tyres

Motorists everywhere have been warned to stay away from buying part-worn tyres. Running a car is not a cheap thing to do, so the idea of cutting costs is tempting for those on a budget. The thing is, when you cut the cost of your tyres, you increase the risks of your health and safety. A car is a machine built with many different components and already comes with a risk when you drive it. The last thing that you want to do is increase your risk of driving unsafely.

Skimping on the maintenance isn’t going to be the best idea if you are looking to save some money, and while you may go for second-hand cars, you should never go for second-hand tyres. There are plenty of reasons for not going for worn tyres, but the main thing to remember is that it’s 100% a false economy. Let’s say you bypass the safety issue and glaring illegality of buying tyres that are unsafe for the road and buy some to save money, you won’t actually be saving any money! You’ll have to replace the tyres sooner than you would with new ones, so you end up paying out twice.

There are over 90% of sellers that are fitting part-worn tyres that are illegal and unsafe, and while they are the alternative to brand new ones, they won’t keep you on the road safely. While it may be legal to sell them part-worn, why would you put your life and the lives of other road users at risk? These are tyres that have been used, removed because of bad tread depth or punctures and then repaired to be sold again. These tyres go on to be sold illegally, so let’s explore the reasons you should not be buying part-worn tyres.

Tread Depths

Legally, part-worn tyres can be sold with a tread depth of 2mm. This is only a tiny 0.4mm above the legal limit to be sold and a huge 6mm below the tyres being sold brand new. With a lower tread depth, you have a bigger stopping distance to consider, and if you’re not aware of the tread depth of your tyres you could be put into a dangerous situation very quickly.

Insufficient Repairs

Part-worn tyres are repaired before they are sold on, but most on the road are not repaired to the best standard. This can result in tyre failure and accidents on the road. Some cracks can be overlooked in the walls of the tyres, and this can also lead to insufficient repair.

It’s Illegal

If your tyres have a tread depth of 1.6mm, you could be faced with a fine because this is illegal. Being sold part-worn tyres at 2mm means that you haven’t got long on the road before your tyres need replacing again. It’s better to avoid an adverse effect on your stopping distances and avoid possible collision than it is to buy cheaply and illegally.

You need to find the best new tyres Essex has to offer, and this involves buying the right tyres for your car – not illegal ones.