Why getting your car serviced regularly is Important

12th March 2015
Car being serviced

When you own a vehicle, getting regular services is just a part of daily life. Even if you own a relatively new car, you will still have to have it serviced at certain times in order to ensure that it is still roadworthy, and to make sure that nothing goes wrong when you are driving it.

Regardless of whether you use your car every day, or just for weekends, or even less frequently, your car will still have to have regular checkups to ensure that it is working correctly. If you don’t have your car serviced, then you could be building yourself up for problems later on in your car’s life.

The Basics of a Car Service

If you don’t understand why a car service is too important, then you may have been disregarding it as a tiresome chore that you are too busy to attend to. However, the basics of a car service are there to ensure that your car is working correctly, and that you are not posing a risk to yourself and others when you drive. One of the most vital parts of a car service is to check the oil, and to change it. If you don’t have your oil checked regularly, contaminants build up which stop the engine from working correctly, and may cause engine failure. A regular service insures that this is avoided, saving you money in the long run.

The service also helps to check the tyres of your car, and the positioning of the wheels. A surprising number of cars lose the alignment of the wheels after only a few short months of driving, and so a service can help to detect this problem before it gets out of hand. Checking the tyres for wear and tear ensures that they are roadworthy, helping to prevent accidents or steep repair bills.