Why Choose Clover Autos to Look After Your Audi

6th January 2022
four rings of Audi

While most people think they need to opt for their local Audi dealership when they need their car serviced, independent garages come with so many benefits for car owners. This is exactly the case if you are driving an Audi. Why wouldn’t you want Audi specialist to work on your prized possession.

Here’s why you should choose an independent garage like us to look after your Audi.

Save Money
Taking your Audi to an independent garage such as Clover Autos could end up saving you money. Many people believe they have no choice but to take their car to a dealership which means the dealership can charge a higher premium for their services.

Build Trust
Most independent garages rely a lot on reputation and at Clover Autos we have worked hard to create and maintain excellent relationships with our clients. Our glowing testimonials are evidence of that. Our specialist Audi knowledge and friendly and flexible approach is second to none.

Customer Service
More than anything, we value our customer experience and feedback. An independent garage will give you generally friendlier and intentional customer service and because at Clover we have a small team of engineers, we get to know your vehicle inside out over time.

We never do any work outside the initial scope without discussing it with you first. You will be kept up to date on the progress of any repair work carried out.

Support Local Business
Servicing your Audi in an independent garage is an excellent way of supporting your local business. By doing so, you help local businesses to create and sustain jobs in the community.

Over the years, we have built up our experience in all makes and models of cars but have become specialist in Audis. We provide your vehicle with high-quality servicing that ensures it maintains its top working condition every day.

All cars, require regular maintenance and servicing. If you are looking for an Audi specialist in Essex, Get in touch with us today for an initial chat to discuss your requirements.