The Overall Performance of Audi Cars

19th May 2015
Audi Car image

Audi are a German car manufacturer which produces high-quality vehicles for the luxury market. Audi has been owned by Volkswagen since the 60s, and has been the champion of the 5-cylinder inline engine, preferring it to the six-cylinder engine as a long-term option.

The former engine is used in all cars, not only in their product cars, but in racing vehicles too. Audi also use a Volkswagen W12 engine in its top-of-the-line cars, such as the Audi A8, rather than its standard V12. This W12 engine is considered to give the car maker more space to include other features, such as the all-wheel drive capacity, and greater space in the engine bay for other components.

Audi’s range of cars

Audi have deliberately chosen to deliver a range of small but compact cars which deliver on high power, such as the A1. This has been built to compete with more design-heavy cars such as the Alfa Romeo, and similar small cars. Even though there has been concentration upon the size of the car, this has not resulted in a loss of power. The engine has been given a 1.4 motor, creating 10 horsepower. Its overall performance has also been improved, including the suspension and steering which means that it is now a sharper, more highly polished vehicle than its rivals. The car is more rounded, and the engines are powerful enough to ensure that even demanding drivers will enjoy using it.

Another model, the RS3, is also designed to offer high overall performance without putting the driver into any difficulties. It uses an Electronic Stabilisation Control program that allows the driver to power on roads without risking the back wheels overtaking the front and forcing a slide. This can be removed in Sport, giving a sharper, more engaging drive, with responsive throttle and steering that helps to keep the driver out of trouble.