Summer driving and things you should be aware of

25th August 2015
Driving in summertime

Summer is the season when everyone wants to take their car out on the road, whether you are driving to a holiday on the Norfolk coast, or travelling to a nearby beach or park.

While everyone knows about the dangers of driving during the winter, including risks of skidding or frozen locks, not everyone realises that there are also problems that can occur during the summer months, making driving more difficult when you are travelling on holiday. Make sure that you are aware of these risks to driving during the summer months.

Rain on the ground

Although summer is usually dry, the risk of thunderstorms carries with it the threat of flash floods. This is where the ground is so dry that rain doesn’t penetrate, but instead floods onto nearby roads. Large puddles can mislead you into thinking that the road is stable, and there have been many stories of couples being washed away in their car, unable to manage the suddenly increasing waters. Don’t drive into flooded areas, and make sure that you can get out safely in the event of a flood.

Water and your car

During the summer, your car produces oils at the base of the vehicle, which mingles with dust and other fluids. This normally lands onto the base of the car, but when you hit a puddle, or a wet area after rain, you can find that the ground is increasingly slippery. Drivers who don’t realise the dangers may be caught off guard, losing control of the car when travelling at too high a speed.

Dust and dry roads

Even if there is no rain, travelling on dry summer roads can be dangerous all by itself. The dust clouds which are thrown up can easily limit visibility, and they can occur suddenly, catching drivers off guard.