Stirling Moss – One of Motor Racing’s Finest

5th May 2020
Racing Driver Stirling Moss

Clover Auto’s links with Stirling Moss date back to the 1970’s when Ronnie was on of the team for Akai Audi Works based in Silverstone. They had the sole aim of winning the British Saloon car championship. One of the drivers being Stirling Moss. They went on to achieve this goal in 1980.


So it only seems fitting that we spend some time reflecting on the amazing life of the very talented man known as Stirling Moss.

Stirling was born in 1929 and spent his childhood years growing up in and around London. Buying his first car at 15 it was soon clear that he had a real love for cars and driving. He went on to win 16 Formula One races out of the 66 he competed in. He was the first British driver to win at home in the UK, when he won in Aintree in 1955.  His F1 career spanned 10 years and although he came second no less than 4 times, he never won that coveted title.

It was a horrific accident in 1962 that forced him to retire from F1 after being left in a coma for 4 weeks. He was partially paralysed for another 6 months and never returned to Formula One racing.

That didn’t stop his love for racing though and he continued to race until he was in his 80’s.

Post Racing Career

He remained the English driver with the most Formula One victories until 1991 Nigel Mansell took over that record. Always staying within motor racing, Stirling turned his had to commentating and even narrated the children’s series called Roary the Racing Car starting off each episode.

He received a Knighthood at Buckingham Palace in 2000, celebrating his achievements and contribution.

He lived a long and full life passing away in April 2020 at the age of 90. Stirling received tribute after tribute from family, friends and fans alike.

He will forever remain in history as Britain’s first successful Formula One driver as well as having a special place in the heart of Clover Auto’s. We are proud to have met the legend and to have formed a part of Stirling Moss’s successful racing team in the 70’s.