Safe Driving in the Sunshine

18th July 2018
summer driving

In the summertime you might find that the sun impacts your vision whilst driving. If this is the case then make sure you allow more room between yourself and the vehicle in front, this gives you more time to react and stop if necessary. In the same way your stopping distance is longer in wet or snowy conditions, if the sunlight is affecting your vision then you need to make a similar adjustment.

If you suddenly get blinded then use the markings on the road to help until you can pull over to safety or you come through the glare of the sun. Use the surrounding to help you judge your position on the road and be extra vigilant when it comes to potential hazards, pedestrians and cyclists.

Our tips for Summer driving

The sun can make dirt or smudges more visible, so keep your windscreen clean and make sure any cracks are fixed quickly. Check your washer fluid on a regular basis to make sure you can keep your windscreen clean at all times.

Avoid keeping anything that could reflect the sunlight on your dashboard and temporarily blind you. It’s amazing how everyday objects can catch the light.

Keep your sunglasses in the car, some modern cars have a sunglasses holder fitted. But even if your car doesn’t, keep a spare pair in the car at all times. Even in the winter they can come in handy.

Use your sun visor to shield your face from the sun, remove from one of the hinges and turn so that it keeps your eyes in shade if you need to.

Get into the habit of taking a bottle of water with you when you get in the car, just in case you are stuck in traffic for any reason.

Try and park in shaded areas to keep your car cool and use a windscreen reflector in particularly hot months.

Never, ever leave animals in your car, even for short periods of time. Your car can get incredibly hot, even with the window open and this can be potentially fatal for animals.

Oh and most importantly, make sure you take enough money to treat yourself to an ice cream!