Risking Safety by Delaying Repairs

14th September 2017
car being repaired

A survey done by the Motor Ombudsman towards the end of last year has shown that almost half of divers in the UK put safety at risk by putting off visiting a garage. They found that 43% of drivers delay taking their car to a garage in spite of believing that the car has a fault.

The research was based on 1,000 UK drivers and the main reasons given were “feeling intimidated” (32%) and “not being able to explain what is wrong” (35%). Whatever the reason for putting of a garage visit however, the Motor Ombudsman has warned that doing so puts both the driver’s safety at risk as well as their passengers and other road users.

It was also found that 38% of drivers had skipped a car service, the majority of these due to concern about being overcharged, and 57% of motorists who were involved in an unresolved issue with a garage had no idea who to turn to in order to get the dispute resolved.

It’s understandable that people who don’t know much about cars can be loathe to take their cars in for servicing or repairs. They may be concerned that their ignorance is obvious and that they will be taken advantage of as a result.

This is one of the reasons Clover Autos tries hard to make customers feel at ease whenever they need their car attended to, speaking in layman’s terms where necessary so as not to intimidate.

Vehicle Owners Concerned about Costs

Many vehicle owners are also concerned about the costs associated with servicing their cars. It’s not uncommon for drivers to skip services, thinking that they can save money this way. Unfortunately they will likely just end up with a much more expensive service the next time. When parts aren’t maintained properly they can put stress on other components, and if they fail altogether they can cause damage that will cost a lot more than replacing the one part would have in the first place.

Costs aside, though, the main reason drivers should be servicing their cars and getting any repairs done as soon as they think something may be wrong is for safety reasons. It really isn’t worth taking the risk of being in an accident. Failing to maintain a vehicle properly increases the likelihood of mechanical failure and this could result in a serious accident. This is even more probable in cases where the driver has noticed that something is wrong and ignored the problem in the hope that it will go away.

At the end of the day, if you own a car you do need to maintain it properly, both to keep it running well and to keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe. If you’ve been feeling intimidated by taking your car to the garage, or are worried about costs, please do give us a call at Clover Autos. We’ll do everything we can to put you at ease and will be honest and upfront about what really needs repairing. We are happy to have a no obligation chat with you about the best way forward. Contact Us today