Pre Winter Car Servicing

25th September 2014
Winter Car check

Making sure that your car is regularly serviced is a good idea whatever the weather, but pre-winter car servicing is even more important. It’s bad enough breaking down by the side of the road at any time of the day or night but just imagine suffering a breakdown on a cold, dark, winters night . . . miles from anywhere . . . . life doesn’t get much worse than that! Making sure that your car is properly serviced before the winter sets in is always a wise choice.

Apart from booking a service at your local garage there are a few other preparations you can make to be sure that both you and your car are as ready as possible before the bad weather arrives.

Icy windscreens – are pretty commonplace in the winter months. The important thing is to allow a little extra time in the mornings and not be tempted to drive until the windscreen is completely cleared allowing full visibility. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of de-icer, an ice scraper and ten spare minutes . . . that’s all it takes.

Radiators – think back to your science lessons in school, it may be a long time ago and you may have been more interested in dreaming about the girl sitting next to you – but think! Okay, what happens when water freezes – yes, it expands – and what is predominantly in your car radiator – yes, water – and what will happen if you don’t put the correct amount of anti-freeze into your radiator before the cold weather hits – yes, you’ll be in big trouble. Top up your anti-freeze levels in good time and keep on checking them.

Glove box / car boot – it’s always a good idea to be prepared in case of emergency. Make sure that you’ve got a torch and warm clothes or blanket with you just in case you do get stranded in the cold weather. Perhaps even a shovel to dig yourself out of trouble.