How to Wash Your Car Properly

11th March 2020
Car washing tips image

In this step by step guide we take you through the process of washing your car correctly.

1.Preparing your Car

Pick a day when it isn’t forecast to rain, but likewise you don’t want hot bright sunshine either as this can leave smears. Make sure all doors and windows are closed properly and move windscreen wipers away from the windshield (they will click once in the correct position).

2.Gather your Kit

To wash your car you will need the following items:

Access to water
Car Wash liquid
An old towel

Gather all of the equipment you will need and place close to your car.

3.Rinsing the Car

Hose off the car to remove loose dirt, aim downwards on all surfaces. Then mix your car cleaner with water in a bucket ready to get down to the real work!

4.Get Cleaning!

Start with the wheels, these are usually the dirtiest and so by cleaning them first you won’t later get dirt from your wheels onto other areas of the car. Use a brush to get the worst of the dirt off and then use a sponge to get them sparkly clean.

Soak your wash mitt into the soapy water and apply to the body of the car and clean section by section starting on the roof and working your way down. Circle the car as you go so that soap from the top can drip down and then subsequently be cleaned off when you circle that area again.

Rinse the mitt regularly to keep it clean otherwise you will just be spreading dirt from one part of the car to another. Refill your water bucket as necessary.

Once you have cleaned around the top body of the car, use a hose to rinse off, again starting at the top and working down. You need to do this straight away before soap dries onto the paintwork. Then clean the bottom part and rinse off, keeping the car wet as you clean to avoid water splashes marking the car.

Lastly, hose underneath your car from various angles to try and clean the underside completely.

5.Drying and Waxing

Use old towels to dry the car, use as many as you need. Make sure all areas are dry so that you don’t leave any water on the car. Once dry the towels can simply be washed as normal and re-used next time.

Once the car is completely dry you can wax/polish the car. This protects the car to help the paint last longer, reduce fading from the sun and acts as a barrier to stones flicking up from the road.

So there you have it, a simple guide to washing your car.