How servicing your car improves performance

18th November 2014
Audi car engine

Want to improve the performance of your car? Then a good servicing by your local garage might be the ideal way to increase responsiveness and response times to your vehicle.

Although it might seem impossible that a car could improve with a few tweaks from a mechanic, it has been shown that a good service can increase your car’s performance, give you more miles to the gallon, and even help you to drive better.

Changing oils and parts

One of the chief ways that a car service can improve your car’s performance is with a change of oil and filter as these become old and worn quite quickly. Old oil is dirty, clinging to the sides of oil lines which can decrease the rate at which oil is pumped into the car. Spark plugs may also need changing, since dirt on these can prevent proper connection with the engine, poor combustion, and this will result in less responsiveness on first starting up. You may also find the car is less sluggish after these two elements are changed.

Checking wheel alignment

Often, the cars’ wheels can fall out of alignment with the maker’s recommendation. This means that the wheels are pulling more to one side, increasing the amount of effort that you have to put into driving the car. The poor alignment also eats into the fuel, meaning that you get less miles to the gallon, and the car has to work harder to get you any distance.

Air filters

The air filter in a car is supposed to last for 10 years, but the state of many air filters after a year shows this is not true. In fact, the dirt on the filter can slow down the movement of air in the vehicle, again causing a poor performance on the car. These can be fixed during your cars’ service.