Don’t Skip Your Car Service to Try and Save Money

29th January 2014
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In the current financial climate, times are hard for many households and this is why so many people are keen to find ways in which they can cut costs. However, while it is important to streamline your outgoings it is also vital that you make these cutbacks in the right areas.

Some people these days decide that one great way to reduce outgoings is to forgo their vehicle’s regular service. However, while this may seem like a good idea at the time it could actually be a false economy and could end up costing you far more in the long run.

Why foregoing car servicing is a bad idea

It you are considering foregoing car servicing in order to save money, think again. This could be a very unwise move and could actually end up being more costly in the long run. Some of the reasons you should avoid doing this include:

Reduce the lifespan of your car: Failure to get your car services can reduce its lifespan, so you will end up having to invest in a new car earlier than you would otherwise need to.

Problems left to fester: Car servicing can pick up on a range of problems while they are still at the early stage. Failure to attend for a service means that these issues are left to fester and by the time they do come to light could end up costing you far more to put right.

Safety implications: Getting your car regularly serviced is an important part of road safety. If you do not take your vehicle in for this important check, you could be compromising your safety while on the road.

Reducing the value of your vehicle: depreciation is already a big problem when it comes to selling your vehicle. However, if you only have a patchy service history or worse still no service history at all, you could end up getting far less for your car.

It is because of problems such as these that you need to make sure your car servicing is one cutback you do not make in order to reduce cost