Does Your Air Conditioning Need To Be Checked

21st July 2016
Air conditioning unit

Driving from one place to another in intense heat can be difficult in the middle of summer. You simply cannot relax behind the wheel if your air conditioning unit doesn’t work. Even though a good cooling system is essential for any vehicle, people tend to take it for granted with the importance of car AC is not realized until it is gone.

It is important that you keep this is mind and look out for any signs of air conditioning problems. Taking preventive and precautionary measures can save you from suffering unbearable heat when travelling from one place to another. It is understood that you are not an expert and you perhaps do not have any idea how to recognize when the system might need to be checked. Below are some tips that should help identify common symptoms.

One of the most obvious symptoms is when the air conditioning unit does not do its job e.g. cool the vehicle. If the vents do not release any air or releases warm air, you should contact your local garage to get it looked at. The problem may be damaged cooling fans, lack of refrigerants or a clogged AC unit. A quick visit to the auto repair shop will help find out what the real problem is.

Weird Noises

If your air conditioner is making unusual noises, it is time for a checkup. Most people realize something is wrong when they hear rattling or banging noises upon turning the machine on. The root to this problem could be clogged vents or units with debris and leaves. Another reason could be that a part of the AC is worn out and requires replacement. Professional diagnosis is mandatory if you hear such noises.

Unpleasant Smells

If a nasty smell is released whenever the system is turned on, something must be wrong. Sometimes, foul odors are released from the vents. This is a big warning that there is mold growth in the unit itself. Take care of this problem urgently as mold can cause respiratory problems and many other health issues.

Water Stains

If you observe carefully, you might see that water is drained out from the bottom of the vehicle after the air conditioner runs for some time. While this is absolutely normal, if you see water stains inside the car instead of water draining outside, there may be something to worry about. The draining system sometimes becomes clogged or damaged which leads water to flow into the car.

Air Conditioning Leaks

Leaking is another warning sign that the system needs a checkup. If the unit has low pressure, you can assume there is a leakage. Most of these leaks are so small, they are difficult to trace. To help find out where the leakage is, your garage may add dye to the air conditioner then trace it to the source. If you suspect there is a leak, inform a professional and allow him to handle the situation. If not fixed, air conditioning leaks can lead to many more serious problems.