Common Misconceptions about MOT tests

14th July 2015
Turbo Car at garage

Taking an MOT is always an anxious time, and it can be made even more anxious if you are being told facts about the MOT which you are not sure are true. Despite the fact that this test is a legal requirement for cars in the UK, and that all drivers should know whether their car can pass the MOT, there are still a number of common misconceptions about the test.

In order to feel more confident about the test, and whether your car can pass, there are a few misconceptions that you should know before you take your car to its test.

You don’t need insurance to take the car to the MOT

Unless your car is going to the test on the back of a vehicle transporter, you will need to have insurance when going to and from the MOT. All cars on the road need to have insurance. To drive anywhere on a public road without it is illegal.

You must have a working spare tyre

Drivers worry that their spare tyre will be marked as illegal, and this will make the car fail the MOT. In fact, you don’t have to have a spare tyre at all to pass the MOT. Your mechanic might encourage you to have one, but you don’t absolutely need one.

I have to have the repairs done immediately

Although drivers think that they have to have their repairs done at the same garage that has just failed the car, this is not true. You can drive the car if your old MOT is still valid, unless the garage rules that the car is completely unroadworthy. You are also free to take your car to another repair shop. However, if the car is considered to be unsafe on the roads, then you must have the car repaired on-site, or use a transporter to take the car to another destination.