Checks You Should Make On Your Car Before You Get an MOT

17th February 2015
Wheel being aligned

The annual MOT is a thing dreaded by most car drivers. This check is designed to ensure that the car is road-worthy enough to be driven, helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by parts failures.

If you want to give your vehicle the best shot at passing its MOT without costing you hundreds of pounds, then there are some simple checks that you can perform before taking the car in for its test.

The main reason why cars fail their MOT’s on the first run is through the wheels. This is a basic thing, but most drivers overlook deflated or damaged tyres and wheels before the MOT Test. Garages will check the tyres to ensure that they have a sufficient tread (more than 1.6mm) remaining, and that the tyres themselves are undamaged. They will also test the wheels to ensure that they are turning at the correct angle, and that there is no problem with the angle of the wheels in relation to each other.

The garage performing the MOT will also check the car lights, including headlights and brake lights. You will need to ensure that all of these lights are working before you put the car in for its MOT. Sit in the vehicle, and turn on all of the lights, and have a friend check that each one works. Replacing the bulbs before the MOT can help your car to pass.

You may be surprised that the MOT also checks your number plates. Firstly, your plates must be fully legible, and the numbers must be spaced according to MOT requirements. Give your plates a clean before taking the car for its test.