Checks you should do on your car in spring

13th April 2015
Cars driving on spring roads

If you have been keeping your car in good condition throughout the winter, you may think that your job is over now that spring has appeared. However, the very opposite is true, because the first days of spring are a time when you need to think about maintaining your car, and ensuring that it is ready for the hotter seasons of the year. There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure your car is ready to go.

Give the tyres a once-over

If you have been driving on the same tyres throughout winter, now is the time to make sure that they are in good condition. The winter season can be particularly hard on your tyres, and all that cold, rain and frost is likely to have damaged some part of the rubber. Make sure to check out the wear and tear on the tread, and have your local garage check that the wheels are still well-balanced, so that you will be driving your car safely in the spring.

Clean out your air conditioning unit

You have probably been running the air conditioning unit every time you were in the car during winter, and so it makes sense to give the AC unit a clean in the spring. You will need to replace the air filter, and clean out the grills to remove all of the winter dirt trapped inside.

Give the interior a spring clean

During the winter it is easy for cars to get dirty, and covered in mud. You should check out the interior in order to remove all the clutter inside, and make the car safer. Get rid of old cans of de-icer, throw away the windscreen cloth, and make sure that there are no stones or dirt that could stop the brakes from working correctly.