Why getting your car repaired at a garage is better than a dealer?

22nd April 2016
Vehicle repair garage

Many car drivers are unsure about the advantages of using an experienced garage instead of a dealer when it comes to their car repairs. Concerns over genuine parts and voided warranties can hide the fact that an experienced car garage provides a skilled service at a lower cost and can offer nationwide warranties on parts through its suppliers and affiliated associations. Experienced independent garages have established a reputation for excellent customer service and car owners enjoy the relationship they can develop with their mechanic, who has often worked for a dealership in the past, and is happy to answer their questions and share knowledge.

A more personalised service

Independent garages rely on word of mouth to build their customer base. This is a strong incentive to not only provide top class customer service, but to also provide high quality repairs. Often smaller in size than dealerships, experienced independent garages are able to offer personalised service and each time your car needs a service, it will often be undertaken by the same mechanic. You can speak directly to the mechanic working on your car, ask about their experience and certifications, and gain some understanding of the work they will carry out on your car. Over time, the value of this will become clear – a mechanic that becomes familiar with your car will be able to anticipate future issues before they become expensive problems.

Lower prices

Subject to fewer overheads than larger dealerships, an experienced independent garage can pass the advantage of reduced operational costs to their customers, in the form of cheaper service/repair prices.

An experienced garage is also kinder on the wallet when it comes to basic maintenance and repairs not covered in your car’s warranty. An oil change at a dealership, for instance, costs more than at an independent garage.

Are you in the market for a used car? An experienced independent garage will have a wider range of cars than a dealership and at a better price. Just like a dealer, an experienced garage will also be able to supply you with a paper trail of the car’s history for your added peace of mind.

Expertise you can rely on

Many experienced garages are started by technicians who once worked for a dealership and now want to run their own businesses. This means that technicians are already manufacturer certified and can stay abreast of advancements in repairs and get certified through Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).  The person who works on your car is likely to be a seasoned technician with a wealth of knowledge and skill gained from years of working on a variety of vehicles of different makes and models. This can be especially invaluable when faced with a difficult repair. Some experienced independent garages do specialise in a certain make or model of car and if you are a car performance enthusiast, you can benefit from their knowledge of how to modify your car to enhance its performance and their willingness to modify your car to your specifications.