Audi Servicing in Essex – Why Use a Specialist?

14th May 2021
audi in our Essex service centre

So you have an Audi car and it’s time to take it for a service, somewhere in the Essex area. You could take it to the main dealer, but then you could also take it to a local independent Audi specialist such as Clover Auto’s

Based just off of the M11 Harlow junction in Essex, Clover Autos are ideally based to allow you to drop off your car on your way to work. Pick up a courtesy car if required and get on with your day.

Not only will your Audi be looked after by experienced technicians, Clover Auto’s also use the latest technology to diagnose issues quickly and easily. Anything that could be causing your vehicle to be running a bit under par as well as niggling problems that if not caught early, could turn into much bigger ones.

I thought I had to use the Main Dealer?

As long as your Audi service is carried out by a recognised agent, you will be able to keep your warranty book up to date. At our Essex base we ensure that this is always completed so that when you come to sell your vehicle, you not only get a better price, but it could lead to a quicker sale.

So you don’t need to go to a main dealer at all.

Using a Specialist, your Audi Service will ensure that any parts that require placing will be done with only genuine ones. This means that your warranty is never put at risk. If your car is within it’s warranty period then it’s imperative you meet the service schedule set out in your handbook. If you do this, then you have nothing to worry about.

You don’t need to worry too much about the type of service to ask for, our technicians will be able to tell easily once you arrive, or know the questions to ask when you book into our Essex servicing centre.

But why Choose a Local Independent Service Centre?

A specialist Audi service centre such as Clover Auto’s will make sure you receive excellent customer service throughout your relationship. For a local business, it’s imperative.

Not only that, but you are looked after by experts in their field, with years of experience and expertise behind them. You will likely receive a much better one on one service, making you feel that your custom is important, and it certainly is important to Clover. Our customers come back to us time and time again.

So why not find out more about an independent Audi Service in Essex to see what benefits you gain, along with showing you how you should be treated whilst you vehicle is being serviced like the valued customer you are.