Anticipation Heightens for the New Audi A6

27th February 2017
new Audi A6

There are few new generations of car more hotly anticipated than Audi’s brand new A6, which is expected to hit showrooms in the first half of 2018. Excitement and speculation surrounding the launch of Audi’s fifth generation executive saloon and estate went up a level recently, too, as the new A6 was spied undergoing on-road tests in Norway.

Being put through its paces under camouflage, the A6 couldn’t be fully appreciated during those tests. The brief glimpse, however, was enough to set the motoring world abuzz discussing potential features of the new model.

Design Features

Whilst still a considerable way away from being available to customers, there are number of things already known about the design of the new A6.

It will, for instance, be based upon a brand new platform and boast evolutionary exterior styling similar to that displayed by Audi’s Prologue Concept from 2014. What that means, amongst other things, is that the A6 will feature thinner and sleeker headlights and a pair of stylised folds on the bonnet. As is increasingly the norm with new Audi releases, too, a choice of either Avant or Allroad body style is also likely to be offered.

The interior of the new model, too, is expected to be shaken up significantly. Physical dashboard controls are predicted to be jettisoned entirely within the new A6, for instance, and to be replaced by a pair of twin touchscreens.

Technological Features

The new Audi A6 isn’t simply a repackaging of the German motoring giant’s existing saloon and estate, however, and significant technological developments and features are also widely anticipated.

Enduringly popular Audi features such as Quattro all-wheel drive will almost certainly be included but other technological developments have as yet been largely kept under Audi’s hat. What has begun to emerge, however, are details of the engine options likely to be available for the new A6.

It is expected that the new model will mostly be fitted with the same 2.0 litre diesel engine boasted by many of Audi’s recent new releases, but that a range of four cylinder petrol turbos and six cylinder diesels will also be offered. What’s more, a hybrid e-tron capable of around 32 miles on battery power alone has been whispered about in many quarters.

Why the Excitement?

All new generations of popular cars generate a little buzz ahead of their release, but the level of excitement surrounding the A6 – still a year away from hitting showrooms – is palpable. The reason for this is arguably because of a number of factors which have combined to create a kind of perfect storm of anticipation.

The A6, after all, will be one of the first new generations of Audi created by new design boss Marc Lichte. Lichte has already expressed a desire to give each new Audi model more of an individual identity, and the timing of the A6’s release also adds an extra dimension of importance to the launch.

By the time the A6 hits the market, after all, both the new Mercedes E-Class and the new BMW 5 Series will have already been in showrooms for a number of months. Audi, then, will need the A6 to offer something above and beyond what those direct rivals provide to drivers.

It should be little wonder, therefore, that motoring enthusiasts and analysts alike are expecting big things.