All New Volkswagens to be Fitted with ESC and DAB

20th August 2014
Volkswagen Car Service

In June this year Volkswagen announced that all new cars would have ESC (electronic stability control) and DAB digital radio fitted as standard in the UK. This applies to all 2015 passenger cars, available for most ranges and as an option for others, this change it to try and improve the technology available in car for the entire range.

But what does it mean?

ESC basically helps to deal with critical situations, for example to stop skidding by applying the brakes and reducing power if necessary. The cars sensors can detect the start of a slide or if the car is going out of control, it’s not a substitute for careful driving. A Department of Transport study states that there is a 25% reduction in the likelihood of being in an accident for those cars fitted with ESC.

DAB radio gives customers a wider range of radio stations. Digital radio is supposed to also give better sound quality although in reality reception can be pretty poor, let’s hope this element is improved over time. All audio systems also come with FM radio too.

Most models offer Bluetooth connectivity as well as connections for iPod’s and USB ports.

This allows you to answer telephone calls through the audio system, meaning a completely hands free experience which helps enhance road safety. But more than that, by connecting your devices or USB you can play your own downloaded music in-car offering you a wider choice in entertainment. This is great for those long journeys.