8 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer Months (Even in the UK!)

14th July 2023
keeping the car cool in summer cute dog looking out of window

While the UK may not be renowned for scorching summers, temperatures can still rise enough to make your car uncomfortably hot. We have all been there, we get into our car and can hardly touch the steering wheel for fear of burning our hands, or our passengers have to strategically sit so that they don’t get their skin scorched!

To help you beat the heat and keep your vehicle cool during the summer months, we’ve compiled a list of effective tips that are applicable whether you’re driving in the UK or elsewhere.

Stay comfortable and enjoy the ride, put your favourite music on and enjoy the warmer weather with these helpful suggestions!

  1. Use sunshades or window visors: Invest in sunshades or window visors for your car’s windscreen and windows. These accessories act as a barrier against direct sunlight, reducing heat build-up and preventing the interior from becoming excessively hot.
  2. Park in the shade: Whenever possible, park your car in shaded areas to minimize sun exposure. Seek out trees, parking structures, or covered parking lots to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight. Parking in the shade can make a significant difference in maintaining a cooler interior temperature.
  3. Open the windows: Before leaving your car parked in the sun, crack the windows open slightly. This allows hot air to escape, enabling a flow of fresh air through the vehicle and reducing the overall temperature inside.
  4. Utilise sunroof shades: If your car has a sunroof, make sure it is equipped with a shade. Close the shade to block sunlight from entering the vehicle through the sunroof, minimizing heat absorption and keeping the interior cooler.
  5. Use reflective windscreen covers: Consider using reflective windscreen covers designed to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating your car’s front windscreen. These covers help to reflect sunlight away, reducing the amount of heat that enters the vehicle.
  6. Use seat covers and steering wheel covers: Prevent your seats and steering wheel from becoming scorching hot by using seat covers and steering wheel covers. These accessories act as a shield against direct sunlight and help maintain a cooler touch, making your driving experience more comfortable.
  7. Use air conditioning strategically: When you get in your car on a hot day, start by opening the windows to let the hot air escape. After a few minutes, close the windows and turn on the air conditioning. This method helps to expel the hottest air quickly before allowing the air conditioning to work more efficiently.
  8. Carry a portable fan: Invest in a portable fan that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket or USB port. These fans can provide a refreshing breeze and help circulate the air within the vehicle, keeping you cool during your summer drives.
  9. By following these tips, you can ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, even in the warmer months of the UK. Stay cool and safe on the road!