What you need to know about MOT checks

So, what exactly are these MOT checks and why are they so important for vehicle owners in the UK? MOT checks stand for Ministry of Transport checks. These are tests that are annually conducted on vehicles that are older than three years. MOT checks are done to test the automobile safety, exhaust emissions and road worthiness of a vehicle that is used on UK public roads.

Why are MOT checks necessary?

  • Without MOT checks there would be many cars driving on public roads that aren’t safe to drive.
  • MOT checks ensure that every car is capable of being driven safely thereby safeguarding not only its driver and passengers, but also others on the road that could be affected.
  • Many drivers don’t know or care enough to ensure their vehicle is checked for roadworthiness, so making it a legal requirement ensures that everyone finds the time and money for it.

Make sure you book your MOT checks in time

MOT checks refer to the testing and inspection itself. It is well worth noting that unless you are driving to a pre-booked MOT check, it is illegal to drive a vehicle on UK public roads that have not been exempt by a MOT test. Many advertisements for cars for sale will state how many months are still left on the vehicle’s current VT20 certificate. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a tax disk that you have a current VT20 certificate for your vehicle, and you can’t get car insurance without one either. As you can see, the certification is important and vitally necessary.

MOT checks help keep you safe

MOT checks

MOT checks are there to ensure that the vehicles driven on the UK roads are safe in all respects. If your vehicle becomes unsafe in any way, irrespective of the VT20 certification you carry, it is illegal to drive that vehicle on public roads. Keeping your vehicle in top running shape is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary accidents on the UK roads, and having annual MOT checks helps you do that.

Certain accessories such as your windscreen wipers will also be checked to ensure that they are working correctly. All of this helps to keep the UK roads as safe as possible for all users, either pedestrian or those on any number of wheels.

So make sure your certificate is current and book your next MOT check in plenty of time. That way you’ll be keeping yourself and your passengers safe, and staying out of trouble with the law.

Find out exactly what is tested in MOT checks.