How to Pick a Great MOT Test Centre

The annual MOT can turn in to something of a headache if you don’t know how to pick a great MOT test centre, as you will never be sure that you are getting value for money, that you are being treated fairly, and that all work that the garage suggests you need done to meet the MOT standard is genuine. Conversely you also want to find a MOT test centre that is going to be thorough as this is also the test that means your car is safe for you to be driving around with your nearest and dearest on board. Picking a great MOT test centre therefore becomes very important, but how do you know where to begin?

MOT Test Centres – how to decide

  • The law on test centres is very simple, and a garage that has gone through the process of becoming an approved MOT test centre will be able to display the three blue triangle logo that is given to them as part of the awarding process.
  • To get to this standard the garage must have met some basic criteria. For example there must be an area that is fully weatherproof, although this doesn’t include draught proofing.
  • This area must be the designated MOT test bay and observation area and needs to remain free of anything that could affect your car’s results.
  • One thing for example is the emissions test, and if there are several other cars running with exhaust fumes in the area it could negatively impact on your result.

MOT Test Centres – viewing area

There is also a clause in the list of must haves that means the garage must provide an area for you, should you wish it, to watch the MOT process. The owner should have a clear unobstructed view of the test area from a weatherproof viewing area that has at least two chairs in it. Obviously you cannot observe the road test part, but they must make provision for you to see the rest of the process should you choose to do so.

MOT Test Centres – qualifications

MOT Test Centre

Each engineer must firstly have provided evidence of his own skills before they can complete the MOT, and then MOT Test Centre undertake a further specific course that is approved by the governing body and be named as a tester at that station, and no where else, unless they apply to do so. A list of mechanics qualified to MOT the vehicles should be clearly visible on the wall and is called a V26, and is one of three documents that must be on clear display at the test centre. This should be backed up by a VT9, which is an authorisation of examiner certificate. Finally you want to make sure you can see a VT9a, which is a list of fees for MOT and an appeals process should you feel you have been treated unfairly.

By checking all of the above you should now know how to pick a great MOT test centre and be in no doubt that your car is going to be well checked and you are going to be treated fairly at all times.

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